It has been a year!! LET US CELEBRATE

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

SupaLit has reached a milestone, thanks to all of YOU & your continued support!

I want to share more about myself, why I feel compelled to create by hand, why I use only all natural products, along with my own experience with CBD & my personal favorite SupaLit products and how I best use them.

Bryt, owner and creatrix of SupaLitCBD

About Bryt, owner & creatrix of SupaLit CBD,

Why start SupaLit?

I started SupaLit CBD after having years of experience around not only cannabis but also other medicinal herbs. When I was 18, I really took control over my body by choosing not to continue with the steroids and years of pharmaceuticals like I had blindly done without my choosing in the time before.

This is when I discovered my desire to have cannabis be a part of my healing and life.

My love of helping others, my spark for creating, along with my need to continue on my own personal herbal health journey really pushed me into creating products I could not only use but also share.

Why I feel compelled to create by hand,

Creating is when I feel most in tuned with my higher self, with my souls purpose, the place where I am in my highest intuition.

Getting to make something from nothing is one of my most prized experiences in this life.

I also am hesitant to trust other companies, where they sometimes fail to provide me all the ingredients. Or sometimes they aren't completely transparent with me and my questions that I ask.

This really encourages me to create from scratch.

Why I use natural products,

I have very sensitive skin, I can't just use any old lotion from the store without breaking out in a rash. I also suffer with Crohn's disease, which means any GMO I try to put in my body, just doesn't work! This sensitive skin issue, along with my stomach issue really pushes me to live as much as a clean, natural, organic lifestyle as possible. I don't want this in just my personal life, but also my business life as well.

I am here to share with you the best products I can make with nature!

Why add ingredients in the products for you all that I would not use myself?

My own experience with CBD,

I have been using high amounts of THC and CBD medically since 2014. I use it to combat my stomach nausea, cramping, and as an appetite stimulant. I also find relief mentally whenever I am having extra stressful moments or feeling anxious.

Finding, that when I use Cannabis and Hemp, my body does not have any adverse reactions like I sometimes find when taking over the counter prescriptions.

I like working with CBD, because I can offer people a natural option to relief without getting them high. I understand that THC is not for everyone so being able to offer an alternative with very similar benefits makes me a very happy creatrix.

My personal favorite products and how I best use them,

CBD Goddess Glitter: I mean what mermaid doesn't like to sparkle? This roll-on is made with organic Jojoba oil and Eucalyptus Derived Glitter, that means its ocean friendly!!

Also, you wont only sparkle, but you will also smell amazing because it comes with a Goddess Essential Oil Blend. The Goddess Glitter I like to put all over my body : Even sometimes I roll it around the outside of my eyes to add a little face sparkle, just don't get it in your eye! You can also have your own roller made here without glitter but the same fabulous Goddess Blend.

CBD Capsules: I'll be one to admit, sometimes my anxiety gets the best of me, sometimes I start overthinking life and it can sometimes send me into a straight panic. When this happens, I know just what to reach for, my CBD Capsules! I take the 50mg but I sometimes even take two if I really need it. This pill has literally stopped me from having a panic attack, and I see a huge difference when I take these on stressful days.

I also reach for these when I am having extra cramping in my stomach or even muscles.

Divine Feminine CBD Bath Soak: Are you a bath lover like I? Well then surely you have tried the CBD bath salts by now! My favorite blend is the Divine Feminine Blend but I have a love for all of them. These are perfect for moon cycles, extra stressful days, & for just treating yourself! Pair with the Create Your Own CBD Sugar Scrub and then top off with the CBD Whipped Body Butter and I promise you wont be disappointed.

CBD Herbal Balm:This is actually my most favorite product because I use it on the daily. This balm is perfect for any and all sore muscles. I have an old neck injury, that tends to act up whenever I use my body a lot, and I find that this balm brings that relief I need. It even makes a great massage rub too, and I'm sure your massage therapist wont mind using it! Also, did you know it even works on tattoos? It even smells amazing, but with eight essential oils specially picked by me how could it not!

Beauty Balance CBD Sacral Roll-on: I love all the chakra roll-ons but I have to say this is the one I reach for when I am on my moon cycle. I use the extra strength 200mg on my stomach whenever my cramps or bloating is too much to handle. I also find the scent in this roller to be very relaxing. This roller was made with women of all ages in mind! You need this in your beauty care, trust me!


I wanted to use this space to personally thank every single one of you reading this post and supporting my little business with a big dream.

Every purchase you make goes towards me bettering my life and those around me.

I am blessed to continue to offer to you all,

an all natural approach to life's many, many ailments.

I am blessed to continue to offer to you, all the knowledge and recommendations I possibly can throughout the cannabis world and beyond.

I am blessed with a village of support behind me while I do this.

One Year Down, one very long, hard, building, year behind us.

Look at how far we've come, and there is still so much further to go yet.

Mahalo Nui Loa, From the bottom of my heart, Thank You Very Much,

Bryt SupaLight, Owner & Creatrix of SupaLit CBD.

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