SupaLit Turns 2 Today! Thanks To All Of You!

Aloha Everyone!

Wow! What a year huh?

If 2020 has taught me anything, it's to celebrate EVERY SINGLE WIN.

I mean the small ones and the larger ones.

SupaLit turning two is one of the larger wins, so here we are!

Let Us Celebrate!

My one year blog post explores,

  • Why I started SupaLit.

  • Why I feel compelled to create by hand.

  • Why I use organic ingredients.

  • My own experience with CBD,

  • My favorite products.

If you would like to see info on any of those things or missed my one year post you can view that here.

I am going to use this space to share with you my "Supa Project"

What is it?

A project where I felt compelled to ask some members of our Supa Family,

"What Makes SupaLit So Supa.?!?"

When I asked that question, I was mostly curious to see what people would say. I'll admit, I thought maybe they would mention some of my fave products as to why it's Supa. Or perhaps maybe at the forefront stating SupaLit is awesome due to my products all being made from earth derived ingredients.

Yes, these things are mentioned. What I did not expect however at all was, my name to be brought up so much. Being honest, tears overwhelmed me in gratitude to know that my efforts don't go unnoticed. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do.

E N J O Y !

**This project was not filmed in a professional setting. I know its not perfect, but the feeling and love is there. I will be working on my editing / filming skills as I progress on this video journey with you all.

Mahalo for celebrating with me today.

Learn more about the Supa party and how it will be working in the video here :

Some Highlights Of The Supa Party :

Huge Giveaway!

Every order from the party October 1st & 2nd will be one entry to win over 10 items from small one woman owned businesses.

You can see each item in detail in the video above or see the woman owned businesses involved below.

Free Items With Orders :

All orders October 1st & 2nd will ship with a FREE Sticker & Postcard.

The postcard will be personalized with a Mahalo just for you from Bryt.

Also, all orders over $100 will ship with a FREE Amethyst Healing Crystal as a token of appreciation.

Special Edition "Supa Success Bringing" Items

Special Set Available Only At The Supa Party.

The "Supa Success" bringing set is a lovely "flower power" super floral blend.

The set comes with a 70mg Roller and a 70mg Bath Salt for only $25.

Bring some more success into your life with this Supa Success Set! Let's Celebrate!

Look At Us Grow!

SupaLit looks back on all the growth we have had but also looks forward knowing there is always room for more. Our roots are strong, our branches have formed, and now we extend outwards and fruit!

Stay tuned the giveaway winners for all 10 items will be announced on October 3rd. Make an order October 1st or 2nd to be entered to win each item.

-H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y S U P A L I T-

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