The Supa Product of 2019.

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

CBD Herbal Body Balm - Top Product of the Year

Are you curious the top selling item at SupaLitCBD in 2019?

I sold more CBD Organic Herbal Body Balms than any other product this year!

What makes it so special ?

These herbal balms are made with only organic ingredients. You can rest assured that you aren't topping your body with anything yucky that you couldn't find in nature.

These balms are also specially formulated with an eight essential oil recipe. All of the oils in this recipe are geared towards muscle relaxation and repair. You can read more about the recipe at the bottom of this blog post.

This balm also has a wonderful scent and I find I benefit from the aromatherapy alone.

What are the best uses for it ?

I use the herbal body balm on my neck on a past injury I got in a car accident. I also like to use on my lower back during my moon cycle or a hard work week. However, this balm is made for your entire body, so you can pretty much put it anywhere pain frequents you.

When using CBD topically it is best to apply straight to your injury or pain area.

How often should I use it ?

You can use this balm daily. When using CBD topically you will find you may need to reapply more often than you would internally.

It is also recommended that you use a copious amount.

This balm does spread thin and will last a while even when using it daily.

Where can I find it ?

On my website here.

More about the essential oil recipe below,

Camphor oil improves circulation, and reduces inflammation while providing a cooling effect. While lavender oil is helpful in finding a deep relaxed state it also adds an excellent scent to the balm. Peppermint & eucalyptus oil are both known to relieve sore, stiff muscles and help with sprains or strains after an injury. Rosemary essential oil is used to stimulate and warm sore muscles or backaches, as well as ginger, which eases stiffness and cramping. The tea tree oil is known to speed the healing of wounds. Last but not least I use plai essential oil, which comes from Thailand and has a big reputation of reliving pain, cramps, & stiffness of sports related injuries, pulled muscles, & inflammation of arthiritis.


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