Are you a queen or king looking to get your CBD or herbal smoke on? Well, look no further! These SupaLit CBD Herbal Smokes are just what you are seeking. These pre-rolls are made with organic grown Honolulu Haze &  as well as a SupaLit pre-roll. I now have two options, the Honolulu Haze is a little under half a gram of hemp and half a gram of herbal blend. While the Miskellope OG is just hemp and a little under a gram. 


SupaLit Herbal Smoke Blend of; Organic Kush Hemp Bud, Organic Mullein Leaf, Organic Skullcap Herb,  Organic Damiana Leaf

Current Strain : Honolulu Haze & Miskellope OG

Grown By: GMG Farms LLC.



SupaLit Herbal Smoke

Pre Roll or Herbal Smoke
  • The Miskellope OG has 132mg of CBD and a net weight of .8g.


    The Herbal Smoke blend with Honolulu Haze has 100mg of CBD and a net weight of 1g. 

    **This product does contain the legal amount of *under 0.3% THC. This means the product will not get you high but could make you fail a drug test for trace amounts of THC.


    • Store in cool, dry, dark place.  
    • This product and these claims have not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to cure or prevent any disease.
    • Contains under 0.3% THC 

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