Does your adored fur baby need CBD as well? Want to be able to distinguish your tincture from your pets? Well then, SupaLit Organic CBD Fur Baby Pet Tinctures are what you need! These tinctures made with your fur babies in mind! These pet tinctures are not only safe for cats and dogs but for animals of all sizes & shapes. These CBD drops can be given to them orally or could be added into their food. Want to learn more about giving CBD tinctures to your pet? Click here. 


The 250mg Pet Tincture is made for small to medium sized fur babies that are 30 pounds or less.

Where the 500mg Pet Tincture is made for large sized fur babies that over 30 pounds. 


Ingredients: Organic MCT Oil, Hemp Derived CBD.


**Now an option for a CBG boost, learn more about the potential benefits of CBG here. 

The 250mg will have 12mg of CBG Boost.

The 500mg will have 25mg of CBG Boost.

Fur Baby Pet Tinctures

  • *Recommended Dosage for 250mg Fur Baby Tincture:: add around 2-3 drops into their food once or twice a day or could be used as needed.

    1 Drop = 0.835mg of CBD

    3 Drops  ≈ 2.5mg of CBD



    *Recommended Dosage for 500mg Fur Baby Tincture: add around 2-3 drops into their food once or twice a day or could be used as needed. 

    1 Drop = 1.67mg of CBD

    3 Drops  ≈ 5mg of CBD


    • Store in cool, dark place.
    • This product and these claims have not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to cure or prevent any disease.
    • Does Not Contain THC.