Is your heart chakra feeling off balance?  Are you holding onto guilt or grudges? What about being overly critical towards yourself and others? Well then, this SupaLit  Releasing Resentment Heart Chakra Blend is made with essential oils aiming to help you connect back with your heart. Essential oil roll-ons are an excellent choice when looking for an on the go topical CBD application. CBD topicals are a great way to shift focus to a centralized area of your body. This essential oil blend is made with only pure & organic carrier oils. Every bottle comes infused with Rose Quartz Crystal, a great stone to assist in balancing the heart, vibrates with unconditional love & healing.  


Did you know that almond oil could lower inflammation and is known to make skin healthier? Or that along with almond oil, jojoba oil is known to help with eczema. Also, jojoba oil has been proven to help with dry and cracked skin.  Want to learn more? Just click on each oil above to learn more about each of their science backed benefits. 


Ingredients: Pure Almond Oil, Organic Jojoba, Hemp Derived CBD, Essential Oils of Tangerine, Lavender, Clary Sage, Grapefruit, & Ylang Ylang. *Infused with Rose Quartz Crystals. **This blend uses Ylang Ylang oil which is not recommenced for use on individuals who suffer from chronic headaches. 


Tangerine opens the heart to spontaneity, while revealling a sense of innocence. Tangerine oil also could relieve depression by lightening ones mental overload. Lavender promotes deep sense of relaxation and could calm emotional anxiety while encouraging compassion and gentleness towards others. Clary Sage is very effective in reducing blood pressure by relaxing the veins and arteries and widens the blood vessels and allows for increased circulation. Grapefruit relieves heavy emotions and burdens while opening the heart to love and happiness. Ylang Ylang has the ability to reunite emotional and sensual aspects of the self, which allows the individual to experience pleasure and joy.


Affirmation with the Heart Chakra Blend: I GIVE AND RECEIVE LOVE AND FORGIVENESS.


Not sure if your heart chakra is unbalanced? Click here to read more about your heart chakra. Looking for the whole set of Chakra Roll-ons instead? Click here. 

***Please choose between 25mg mini roller 3ml or 70mg full size 10ml roller.


  • No Parabens
  • No Phthalates
  • No Artificial Dyes or Scents
  • Handcrafted on Maui 

Releasing Resentment Roll-on

    • Store in cool, dry place until ready to use.
    • Avoid contact with eyes.
    • This product was not intented to be ingested.  
    • These claims or products have not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to cure or prevent any disease.
    • Does Not Contain THC
  • "The roll on 200mg cbd oil was the only medicine that helped my friend recover from a major foot surgery. she said it relieved her enough for well needed rest." -J.P Colebrook, N.H

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